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Small Business Can Look BIG

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How Can Your Small Business Compete?

Small businesses have been a growing sector of our world for quite some time now. We all know at least one person or more who "works from home" or has a "home office" that they are utilizing to operate a business.

One of the biggest issues small businesses have is that they operate with a much smaller budget than their "large corporate" competitors. However, sometimes the obvious answer doesn't seem so obvious to them because they're busy trying to compete.

So what's the answer to competing in the business world?

When you're working as a small business with a small business budget you need to look for companies who can not only relate to your situation but cater to your needs. Small businesses helping small businesses is kind of like a "brotherhood" so to speak. Large corporations may have larger budgets and the ability to grab huge well-known marketing and media companies. However, if you approach a small business with your needs you may find that you not only get the service you want and need but a much better working situation where you're not just another number!

Being a small business ourselves, we have known the struggles and the glories of being the "little guys." This knowledge allows us to understand that every company we work with is one of a kind and give them their own personal portfolio. What may work for one business may not work for another and a cookie cutter approach is what you get from most big businesses. You're desire to stand out and above the rest means that you shouldn't have to accept that you're #3,972 in a list of clients. Large corporations can boast numbers and maybe even dazzle with expensive smoke and mirrors but what matters most is that you're being listened to and dealt with on an individual basis.

One of the things that most small business owners pride themselves in is that they truly know their business and their clients. It's one of the reasons why we work well with other small businesses too; we want to feel like we grow and make a difference as a part of your team not as just another company that offers a service. Bigger businesses can rest assured that we understand the need to keep a "big business" front for their customers; while we can help them add a touch of personalized service.

Does your business stand out from the rest for the right reasons? 

It's important that you're noticed; but, you want to be noticed for the right reasons. You don't want  to stand out because your blogs are poorly written or your website is being used as the poster site for what not to do to attract business. Are you targeting the proper clientele and reading up on the latest changes and upgrades of social media and technology? Do you need well written content for your company but don't have the time or maybe even the patience to put the amount of work needed into creating something that's outstanding?

It may be time to work with a company that not only gives you the personal touch but understands the needs of your business. Making that decision to work with a business that is personalized and ready to listen is the first step!

Small businesses make a big difference. Supporting small businesses makes a BIG difference in this corporate world.

Looking forward to making a difference in your company,
Rich & Bev Zielinski

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