Wednesday, December 10, 2014

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It's not uncommon to hit a wall when it comes to creativity. More times than not we will find some point in our life where our creative juices slow down to a drip.

Many times when a writer is facing a slowdown of creative juices, they will decide to stop completely. They may also simply decide, "Something has to be written. My article is due!" and push ahead to at least finish something.

When you make the choice to surge on and write, even though you aren't feeling creative, you often will end up with a piece that simply isn't worthy. This can reflect poorly on your blog itself and, even worse, on your expertise as a writer in your field.

What can be done to stop the demise of your blog or website with articles that detract from your professional appearance? The answer may be right in front of you.

Hire Professional Writers to Write for You

Here's why hiring a professional can be a positive step in helping your website, newsletter, or blog continue to look its best.
  • Fresh Content
  • A Different Vibe or Feeling
  • The Ability to Recharge Yourself
  • A Change in the Direction of  Articles You've Presented
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings With Fresh Content
  • A Change in Style Without Being Too Obvious That It's Not Your Writing
  • The Ability to Help with Rankings With a "Guest Blogger"

How Do I Know Which Writing Company or Writer to Hire?

Basically you have to remember that it's generally true that you get what you pay for when it comes to online hiring. While finding someone extremely inexpensive doesn't mean that they won't be decent writers; you're taking a risk that their writing will most often be farmed out to English Second Language writers. Here are some things you want to make sure of before you hire someone to write for you.
  • Know exactly what you will be getting for the price you pay
  • Have it spelled out in black & white exactly how the article will be written
  • Make sure you're not dealing with an English Second Language author if you need an article written in English
  • Know that all content is original & guaranteed as such
  • Be certain any pictures used in your written piece is legal and not something taken from another website or used without permission
  • If you're using a low cost website that charges only a small fee for work, realize that this means the person who is doing your writing is probably making two-thirds of that amount. What kind of quality are you going to be getting for that amount of money?
  • Understand if you are hiring a professional company who has worked with a number of other companies or an individual who is just doing this "on the side" to make a few extra dollars
  • Small businesses can create a "big business" job if they know what they are doing
  • Like it or not experience does matter (Our company has only been around for a few years, but our writing experience has encompassed many decades)
Remember that your business and reputation are on the line every time you hire someone to work for you. You never want to look as though you don't know how to present yourself in writing or that you you have no writing skills. Finding a professional writer who will sacrifice their own name in order to make it seem as though your writing skills are standing out is a must. That's why we often write under the term "Ghost Writers" and never place our name on your site.

Looking forward to making a difference in your company,
Rich & Bev Zielinski

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